What’s new for The HR Congress in July?

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As the northern hemisphere summer begins to kick into gear, there are a huge number of competing reasons why you should not be cooped up in the office! But if you are like me, and tend to spend a lot of time catching up with the latest news, ideas, and debates, there’s always something more to digest (even on your mobile at the beach – which is another conversation entirely). Anyway, to start with, here’s a quick update on what’s new for The HR Congress Brussels. We hope you have been enjoying the latest content featured on the blog – and are happy to say that there’s much more coming over the summer months to keep you busy!

With now over 300 delegates and 30 speakers confirmed, we would like to welcome some of the new arrivals to the HR Congress faculty.

  • Steven Baert, CHRO, Novartis
  • Loren Shuster, Chief People Officer, Lego Group
  • Romina Morandini, VP HR EMEA, Bunge
  • Shay McConnon, Founder, An Even Better Place To Work
  • Luigi Maria Fierro, Global Head of Performance Management, Head of HR Strategy & Transformation, ING
  • Catty Bennet Sattler, Deputy Director – Department of HR, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Heleen van Essen, Head of Leadership Practices and Programs, Philips

Need some more things to read during the lunch break? Take a look at some of these articles that we found intriguing.

  1. Agarwal D, Bersin J, Lahiri G, Schwartz J, Volini E. People data: How far is too far?, Deloitte 2018 Global Human Capital Trends, 28/3/2018.
  2. Agarwal et al. New rewards: Personalized, agile, and holistic, Deloitte 2018 Global Human Capital Trends, 28/3/2018.
  3. Colquitt A. The World’s Worst Disease. Is your Company Infected with it?, 18/4/2018
  4. Desjardins, J. The Skills Needed to Survive the Robot Invasion of the Workplace, Visual Capitalist, 27/5/2018
  5. Hougaard R, Carter J, Brewerton V. Why Do So Many Managers Forget They’re Human Beings?, Harvard Business Review, 29/1/2018
  6. Power, B. How to Get Employees to Stop Worrying and Love AI, Harvard Business Review, 25/1/2018
  7. Rowland D. You’ve got your approach to innovation all wrong. This is why, World Economic Forum, 25/4/2018
  8. Ulrich D. Agility: The New Response to Dynamic Change, 23/5/2018
  9. You can’t have organisational agility without these 5 building blocks, TI People

Finally, if you have not already had the chance to check out the CHRO Virtual Summit Reloaded, now is your chance to have a quick look through the new agenda and speaker faculty! The event is a virtual, online one-day summit with a selection of great international speakers including; Dave Ulrich, Josh Bersin, Whitney Johnson, and John Boudreau.

The 3rd HR Congress Brussels will be taking place on November 27-28 and will feature 50+ speakers as well as a selection of sessions that will explore a huge range of topics! Make sure you follow the HR Congress blog and social media channels to stay up to date with the latest information, and for more interesting ideas and content from around the world of work!

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