Transform the Pain of Organisational Change | Podcast with Sangbreeta Moitra

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The age of digital and social technologies have fundamentally transformed the way that people work and the way we approach organisational change. But harnessing these technologies effectively is only part of the challenge – exponential transformation requires a very human component.

With The Digital HR Innovation Summit 2020 now only a little more than two months away, The HR Congress Podcast has started a series of Digital HR related episodes to help illuminate some of the key topics and questions we’ll be featuring during the event.

In this episode, we speak with Sangbreeta Moitra, a TEDx award-winning speaker, strategist on human behaviour, change, and transformation. Sangbreeta helps both individuals and organisations navigate the difficult and uncertain contemporary business landscape, buy creating strategies to enable healthier mindsets, more effective actions, and meaningful legacies.

Some of the key topics we address include; how to ensure a human-first workplace in today’s digital age, the value and challenges of creating a tribal organisation, transforming the pain of change management, and how to lead organisational change initiatives with authenticity, authority, and adaptability.

Sangbreeta Moitra will deliver a keynote presentation on the topic of Creating an Employee Tribe of Powerful Brand Ambassadors in the Age of Social and Digital, as well as an exclusive 90 minute masterclass on Transform Exponential: From Brain-to-Behaviour-to-Business-to-Results, Transform the pain of Change. Make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Sangbreeta in The Hague this April!

Listen to the full podcast below! You can also check it out on Spreaker or Spotify!

What’s happening next in The HR Congress universe? The 3rd Digital HR Innovation Summit in The Hague, April 27-28, will feature a selection of sessions that will explore the ongoing implications of digital technologies on organisational change, HR, and the business in general. Make sure you follow The HR Congress LinkedIn page to stay posted on all the latest news, updates and content from the world of work!

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