The Roots & Fruits of Building Motivation at Work | Podcast with Max Hunter

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Whenever someone starts talking about motivation at work, eyes tend to glaze over. All of us have been bombarded with ‘inspirational stories’ and ‘motivating speakers’ over time, so much so, that any talk about it is often (rightly) considered to be a bit of a joke.

Yet, the reality is that personal motivation and a motivated workforce really does matter when it comes to performance, workplace health, and several other business-critical issues. Max Hunter, Chief Joy Officer at Loylogic (yes, such a job title actually exists) and Founder of Max Hunter & Partners specializes in creating high performing teams of motivated individuals – and crucially, a vibrant team culture that contributes to healthy organizations.

In this episode of The HR Congress Podcast, we discuss Max’s Roots & Fruits Methodology, the relationship between organizational culture and motivation, and how HR leaders can get executive support for initiatives around building motivation at work.

Max Hunter will be joining The HR Congress this year as a masterclass leader and the Talent & Culture track chair. His masterclass session is entitled Ignite – How to Create a Motivated Workforce That Drives Business Results. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet Max and learn more about how to cultivate motivation at work!

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