The Mindset of an Innovator – Interview with Nigel Barlow

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Nigel Barlow, HR Congress BrusselsThe HR Congress recently spoke with Nigel Barlow, innovation speaker, business rocker, agent of disruption. When it comes to innovation, everyone tends to think they’re on the cutting edge of something. Truth is, more often than not, we’re constrained by many factors and variables that make being the authentic versions of ourselves difficult. The most damaging constraint is typically our very own mindset. Nigel Barlow wants to help us to break free of the patterns and habits that we’ve constructed for ourselves, and begin to think in a different way. He wants us all to re-set our minds upon innovation, and in the process to build a garage – a workspace for creativity, freedom, and passion.

Listen to the interview here: [8 minutes]


Nigel will present a Masterclass entitled The Mindset of an Innovator: Build Your Own Corporate Garage, at The HR Congress in Brussels this November. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to join him there, especially if you are interested in leadership, innovation, and change. Also, check out a video summary of Nigel’s 2017 HR Congress keynote here.

The 3rd HR Congress Brussels, November 27-28 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore this topic and much more! Follow the HR Congress Blog for more interesting ideas and content from around the world of work!

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