The HR Congress Amsterdam Event Through a Few Tweets!

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We have just finished one of the Europe’s most anticipated HR event, HR Congress in Amsterdam. In case you missed it, here are some interesting stats about the participants of the event and a few fascinating tweets:

* 500 attendeesThe HR Congress

* 42 countries

* 61 presenters

* 48% VP /CHRO level attendees

* 96% corporate HR professionals attendees

* 70 sessions

* 50 contact hours of learning

* 12,000,000 working people influenced

Apart from the above stats, participants were exciting and HR Congress hashtag #HRCongress16 was trending on the Twitter throughout the event in Netherlands.

According to the FollowTheHashtag website, #HRCongress16 had around 8million total tweet impressions with the total audience of around 850,000! It was a great opportunity for the sponsors as well as delegates to get the exposure they deserve for their investment and efforts. In case you missed the opportunity to participate in HR Congress Amsterdam event, you can check our upcoming HR Congress Budapest event and HR Congress Brussels event.

HR Congress Amsterdam Stats

Congress was inspiring and engaging for everyone where participants not only discussed trends in the HR, HR strategy but had great networking opportunities. There were more than 3 thousand tweets from the participants during the event, here are a few tweets from the event those caught our attention.

Some participants found HR Congress challenging and eye opening and that’s what our motive is to challenge and enable you to achieve more!

Warning for HR professionals!

Have you ever experienced the evil HR Director? Here you can…

Participants, as well as speakers, were equally excited for the event.

Phones and cameras were out throughout the extraordinary event!

Many participants were inspired beyond imagination!

Behind the scene –

Challenging questions and NASA…

Some recommendations also…

Some facts about culture, talent and future of work.

When Dr. Lynda Gratton said that every 10 years, life expectancy increases by 2 years = likely to have to work into the 80s. Some participants were definitely concerned about the pension. 🙂

…and who said HR takes away your sleep? Some advice on 8 hours sleep from HR Gurus!

Participants enjoyed not only the sessions but delicious coffee with networking opportunities.

Our Superhero wall also attracted many participants.

…a few more tweets about well-deserved praise for the team behind making the HR Congress successful!

…and the Goodbye!

Thank you for attending HR Congress Amsterdam

After bringing together 500 HR professionals in Amsterdam on 29-30 November 2016 and offering probably the most unique and comprehensive event program of its kind, the HR Congress will now arrive in the Hungarian capital for two content-packed days of learning and exchanging ideas. If you have enjoyed HR Congress 2016 Amsterdam event then you will surely love our upcoming event in Budapest and Brussels also! Check out more details about the event from here.

These were just a few tweets, check out our Tag Board for more exciting stuff. Check out our other upcoming events from here, mark your event calendar and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. What was your best moment from the HR Congress Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments.

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