The Digital HR Innovation Week – Daily Summary (May 20th)

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Over half-way there! The Digital HR Innovation Week is powering ahead, so let’s take a quick look back at some of the main sessions, themes, and topics we discussed on the third day of the event!

Day Three began with an incisive opening presentation on Augmented Talent – Harnessing the Cognitive Capital of People at Work, by Ade McCormack, the Founder of the Digital Readiness Institute. Ade suggested that the Covid-19 outbreak has finally signaled the end of the 4th industrial age, and thus, we are now fully entering a new digital age, where technology rapidly augments the cognitive potential of humans. He argues, this potential must therefore be properly harnessed by organisations – and quickly adapted into HR’s playbook.

Second up was a presentation from Axel Schiphof, Senior Engagement Specialist at Effectory on Listen. Learn. Lead. – Proven Actions to Engage People in Times of Uncertainty and Disruption. Axel’s session explored some data-driven ways to build employee engagement today, including how to build a long term strategy to; enable employees, provide fresh perspectives, educate, build useful modern skills, create communities, and ultimately innovate in the marketplace.

Our third presentation was delivered by Luuk Sombezki, the EX Lead & HR Strategy Consultant at ABN AMRO, on their Playbook Towards a More Employee Driven Organisation. In this session, Luuk outlined the steps ABN AMRO have taken to build a new EX/performance management system (complete with internal customer products) within the company, as well as the practices, philosophies, and goals HR is trying to scale across the organisation.

Next we featured a case study on Employee Experience – Driving Thriving Engagement and Culture in Today’s Volatile Times, by Alexandra Eichberger, VP Change & HR Excellence at Magenta Telekom. Alexandra described how Magenta Telekom are approaching their EX practices and principles in such a volatile and unpredictable environment, including the steps they have taken to keep employees engaged, healthy, mentally secure, and digitally connected (as well as the value of workplace chocolate).

The fifth session for the day was presented by Sergio Caredda, the Senior Director – Human Resources, and Global Digital Transformation Leader at the VF Corporation on Partnering for Success – Accelerating the Digital Transformation Process Necessary to Achieve Strategic Objectives. Sergio’s presentation focused on how to approach leading a digital transformation throughout the entire process – particularly on the people side of a digital transformation – and why your people ultimately drive strategic innovation.

Finally, the third day was closed by Peter Daels, the Managing Director at who presented back-to-back sessions on: People Also Make the Difference in Innovation Management, and Innovate or Die – How to Build an Innovation Team to Survive t​he Future. In these sessions, Peter built a detailed overview of the challenges of creating an innovative team and how to overcome them, as well as some of the most important personal skills and business road-blocks to innovation to be aware of today.

What can you look forward to tomorrow?

  • 15:15 – 15:45 – Why People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation, by Gerald Kane, Visiting Scholar, Harvard Business School
  • 15:45 – 16:15 – Creating the Future – The LEGO HR Modernization Journey, by Thomas Møller Lybæk, HR Process Innovation Director, The LEGO Group
  • 16:15 – 16:45 – Robotics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI… and other Buzzwords – Making Sense of Practical Applications of Tech in HR for HR, by Marta Olmos, Head of BRM for HR, Digital Marketing and Culture: Digital Transformation, Amadeus
  • 16:45 – 17:15 – Crucial? or ‘Must Have’? – Perspectives on Managing EX: The Manager Multiplier Effect and Employee Experience Index, by Volker Jacobs, Managing Director, TI People
  • 17:15 – 17:45 – Technology for a Human-Centric Future of Work, by Laura Schroeder, Head of Brand, Personio

Make sure you join us for the remaining days of the event, as we feature 10+ further sessions dedicated to exploring the critical topics impacting HR, digital HR innovation, and organisations today. Sign up here for free!

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