Scrum and the Transformation of Work | Podcast with Melissa Boggs

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In this episode of The HR Congress podcast, we speak with Melissa Boggs, the Chief Scrum Master for the Scrum Alliance. Together with the Chief Product Owner and their staff, Melissa seeks to fulfill the Scrum Alliance’s primary vision of transforming the world of work.

Companies are constantly looking to improve how their people work together and the way they operate. But to achieve such goals, it is often necessary to make significant changes to the very principles that guide the organization. To become more competitive and human-centric, frameworks like Scrum and several others can provide a vision of how to achieve better results, develop resilience, transform management, and improve workplace culture.

As an experienced leader in this domain, Melissa’s insights are valuable for a range of people professionals today. In this episode, she discusses; common myths and misconceptions about agile, Scrum and associated frameworks, how to get started on a transformation towards agility, and why management (and talent management in particular) needs an overhaul.

Melissa will be speaking at The HR Congress this November in Nice in the Talent & Culture Track entitled The Stories We Tell Ourselves – The Power of Storytelling & Cultural Change.

Scrum Alliance is a valued partner of The HR Congress – make sure you have a chat to them on-site and check out for more info!

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