Performance and Talent Management – Time for a New Order? | Podcast with Alan Colquitt

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Performance and talent management are fundamental to HR’s role within modern organisations. However, today a host of practices and philosophies remain dominant in these areas that can hold people and teams back from attaining their true potential. So, is it time for a new order?

In this episode of The HR Congress Podcast, we are joined by Alan Colquitt to discuss the state of modern performance management. We also discuss; the impact of Covid-19 on organisations, the shifting scope of talent management, as well as some of the fundamental organisational dilemmas that continue to persist today that shape the state of work.

Alan is a talent management, organisational change and human capital analytics expert. He has worked as an internal consultant in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries building organizational capability and advising executives, business leaders and HR professionals.

Alan is a licensed psychologist in the state of Indiana and is also the author of the book: Next Generation Performance Management: The Triumph of Science over Myth and Superstition.

Listen to the full podcast with Alan Colquitt below! You can also listen to the episode on Spreaker and Spotify!

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