M. Tamra Chandler – The Manager Dilemma [Video]

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M. Tamra Chandler, CEO and Founder of PeopleFirm, and author of How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It  presented a track session entitled The Manager Dilemma – Re-imagining the Role of Managers to Lead in the Future at The HR Congress Brussels 2018.

Do you have a manager dilemma on your hands? Do you have too many managers? Were they promoted for the wrong reasons? Do they have the people skills needed to meet your employee promise? Do you trust them to make critical decisions? Are they ready to lead in the flat, agile, dynamic, and data-driven model you’re looking to create?

Watch M. Tamra Chandler’s presentation below about the ‘manager dilemma’ of today, and learn how to move forward to re-imagine the role of managers in the organizations of the future. In the video, Tamra will share a foundational framework and key concepts to help you set the course to re-define and re-deploy managers to better meet the future demands of your people, teams, and organizations.

The 4th HR Congress Nice, November 19-20 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore this topic and much more! Follow the HR Congress Blog for more interesting ideas and content from around the world of work!

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