Leading the Future of HR Today – Podcast with Filip Moriau

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We recently recorded a podcast with Filip Moriau, CEO and Founder of Stragilon, a Berlin-based consultancy in Innovation, Agility & Development. Filip has served as Director of HR & Legal Affairs for international companies such as Weber, Cisco Systems, Biogen Idec and Tosoh. Throughout his career, Filip has worked in cross-cultural environments from Tokyo and Silicon Valley to Berlin.

The future of HR is inexorably tied to the future of organizations and work. It’s also therefore impossible to truly separate the changing roles of HR from the lives of employees and society. This emerging complexity has begun to manifest itself in the age of digital transformations – for while technology has the power to simplify and streamline, it doesn’t diminish any of the important human questions that exist in the workplace.

With HR taking charge of business transformations and new technologies changing the way work takes place, there are a huge variety of questions for HR professionals to address and clarify. In our conversation with Filip, we touch on AI and robotics, job-crafting strategies, learning, agility, leadership and a whole lot more.

Listen to the podcast below on Spotify, or on Spreaker!

Filip Moriau will present a session entitled Leading the Future of HR Today at The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam on April 2-3. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to join him there, especially if you are interested in learning more about HR leading change, job-crafting, strategies for the future, and the impact of technologies on work and people.

The 2nd Digital HR Summit Amsterdam, April 2-3 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore the implications of Digital technologies on HR and the business in general. Make sure you follow The HR Congress Blog to stay posted on all the latest news, updates and content from the world of work!

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