Leadership in the Digital Era | Session Audio | Jennifer Jordan

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Leadership is one of the most vital elements of social interaction we as humans encounter on a daily basis. It has been an essential element in our personal and societal development since time immemorial, yet today we are still learning much about how to lead effectively – let alone fully comprehend the nuances of leadership in the digital era.

In this (timely) session recorded at The Digital HR Innovation Summit 2019, Dr. Jennifer Jordan of IMD Business School discusses how to approach leadership in today’s business era – an era increasingly saturated with digital technologies, new modes of work, and an ever-expanding horizon of potential human interactions.

While the content of what makes great leadership great is critical irrespective of any technological medium, Jordan provides a clear model (below, based on Seven Core Competencies) that outlines how leaders should adapt their skills and approaches during the digital age, given the many augmented social and technical challenges they will commonly face.

Core Model of Seven Competencies

Dr. Jennifer Jordan was speaking with us about Leadership in the Digital Era at The Digital HR Innovation Summit 2019 in Amsterdam.

Listen to the session below or on Spreaker and Spotify!

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