Is Business Leadership Changing in the Age of Digital Technologies? – Podcast with Jasmine De Clerck

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In today’s work environment, digital technologies and change have become synonymous. It seems that every time turn up to work, there’s a new tool, a new application, or program that’s going to augment our business, an entire industry, or the art of business leadership.

The pace of change has presented a number of unique pressures for both organizations and leaders; but a big question remains – has ‘digital’ really changed the foundation of effective business leadership? To discuss this topic (and a few others) in more detail, we recently recorded a podcast with Jasmine De Clerck, General Manager, Benelux France and Nordics at the Center for Creative Leadership.

The Center for Creative Leadership was a sponsoring partner of The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam which took place in April 2019. CCL is a global provider of executive education whose mission is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

Listen to the podcast below on Spotify or Spreaker!


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