Harnessing the Cognitive Capital of People at Work | Podcast with Ade McCormack

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The world of work is changing – technology, organisational design, new management paradigms, economics, pandemics… a lot is happening. Yet despite changes to industries and professions, harnessing the cognitive capital of people at work remains essential to building meaningful, competitive work environments. The question is – how do we get there with the world that’s emerging?

In this episode of The HR Congress Podcast, we’re joined by Ade McCormack, Founder of The Digital Readiness Institute. Ade is a frequent keynote speaker, author, adviser, near-futurist, and former astrophysicist. Throughout the podcast, we discuss the future of talent and the gig economy, leadership mindset shifts, the future of work, and how HR can help drive meaning and value for the organisation.

Ade will present a session on Augmented Talent – Harnessing the Cognitive Capital of People at Work at The Digital HR Innovation Week this May 18-22. Make sure you sign up for the event for free by visiting the website. See you there!

Listen to the full podcast with Ade below! You can also listen to the episode on Spreaker and Spotify!

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