Hard Talk HR with Mihaly Nagy | Navigating Paradoxes for Business Leaders – Dr. Richard Claydon

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Business leaders have had to manage and navigate their way through many different paradoxes for many years – it’s not a new part of the leadership challenge. Yet today, the speed and severity of changes can present unique paradoxes that are difficult to tackle for even the most seasoned leaders.

In this episode of Hard Talk HR, Mihaly Nagy is joined by Dr. Richard Claydon, the CEO of roundPegz and Co-Founder and CEO of Organisational Misbehaviouralists to discuss how business leaders can approach and lead their organisations through the major systemic paradoxes and uncertainties of today.

Richard is an internationally recognised thought leader on how original thought emerges in relentlessly changing and at times, toxic environments. He will be a keynote speaker at The Culture and Organisation Virtual Summit – a free online event taking place on 29-30 July 2020.

Listen to the episode ‘Navigating Paradoxes for Business Leaders’ below, or on Spreaker!

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