Hard Talk HR with Mihaly Nagy | Learning and Innovation in Times of Crisis – Nigel Barlow

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Learning and innovating during periods of crisis is essential for both individuals and organisations. While basic needs must be first met in order to cope with immediate challenges, progressing through periods of dynamic uncertainty ultimately requires an openness to learn, innovate, and act decisively.

In this episode of Hard Talk HR, Mihaly Nagy is joined by Nigel Barlow. Nigel is an author, an agent provocateur, futurist, and innovation expert. He is also a long-time collaborator with The HR Congress – as a speaker, masterclass leader, and event chairman.

Mihaly and Nigel discuss some natural business reactions during times of crisis – namely the tendency to cut costs and to decrease spending on learning, training, and development – as well as the implications these measures have on the organisation. They also discuss; what are the right HR responses when dealing with the current turbulence, and what does the immediate post-pandemic future look like?

Listen to the episode ‘Learning and Innovation in Times of Crisis’ below, or on Spreaker!

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