Hard Talk HR with Mihaly Nagy | Building Culture in Times of Crisis – Siobhan McHale

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The culture of an organisation is what gives individual companies unique characters and allows them to operate in the manner they do. However, as we intuitively know, often we need need to make serious cultural changes in order to thrive, and in times of crisis – to survive.

In this latest episode of Hard Talk HR, Mihaly is joined by Siobhan McHale, the Executive General Manager for HR at The Dulux Group in Australia, and is the author of the book ‘The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change’. Siobhan is also a frequent speaker at international events in HR, including The HR Congress 2019 in Nice.

During the conversation, Mihaly and Siobhan discuss the meaning and definition of culture, how to approach, plan, and achieve a successful cultural transformation, as well as some of the common pitfalls that organisations fall into along the journey.

Listen to the episode ‘Hard Talk HR Building Culture in Times of Crisis’ below or on Spreaker!

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