Garage Innovation: Unleashing Your Creative Talent [Nigel Barlow Highlight Video]

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Innovation is one of those words that gets thrown around during weekly meetings at every office in the world; but it is rarely actually prioritized or consciously cultivated. Humans are by their nature quite innovative thinkers, we’re always coming up with ways to circumvent systems, or ways to make life easier, or entertaining fantastical ideas. However, more often than not when it comes to the business world; process, risk aversion, and hierarchy reign supreme. Many people also tend to stick to a mindset that allows us to help make sense of the world, but this mindset can also be one that stifles creativity. So how can organizations really innovate? The answer lies with unleashing the creative talent that lies within employees.

In his keynote presentation at the 2017 HR Congress Brussels, Nigel Barlow gave attendees an overview of why it’s important for organizations to build a garage for innovation, move past stereotypes, think about possibilities not problems, and the power of appreciation. Mixing humor and insight, Nigel describes a framework for business innovation that does not necessarily require a significant financial investment, but an investment in changing perceptions. He also provides suitable ‘garage’ examples from diverse organizations such as ThyssenKrupp’s “Betahaus” to TetraPak’s pomegranate orchard.

Far from appealing simply towards a ‘start-up’ mentality, garage innovation is about making a real effort to create a time and a space to think about the same business problems in a different way. In an environment, free from many of the constraints people might feel to be oppressive in their everyday roles. For HR, this model is not essentially different than for any other business area, and may indeed provide a valuable space to come up with great ideas and plans in today’s pressurized world.

If you want to hear more from Nigel Barlow, you can catch him presenting at the 3rd HR Congress Brussels on November 27-28.

Watch the highlight video below to learn more about this topic! [16 minutes]

The 3rd HR Congress Brussels will take place on November 27-28 and will feature 50+ speakers and a selection of sessions that will explore a huge range of topics! Make sure you follow the HR Congress blog and social media channels to stay up to date with the latest information, and for more interesting ideas and content from around the world of work!

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