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In this complimentary white paper by David C Forman, author of Fearless HR, talent decisions are put in the spotlight. The top issue faced by global CEOs is the unrelenting pace of change in the face of unprecedented turbulence in the marketplace, and the principles from the white paper can provide useful guidance in this uncertain environment. Each fearless principle is described and then possible actions and important thought leaders are identified. Click below to access ‘Lessons from Fearless HR’.


Fearless HR – explained by the author:

The book started out as a modest effort to chronicle my experiences and tell a story. As I heard from colleagues who read the book and from students who used it in classes, I realized that the story and point of view resonated. A comment from a colleague suggested that “Fearless HR” is actually a business book that just happens to concern HR, and not a typical HR book at all. His observation was really the impetus for this paper. I hope that the “Fearless HR” lessons for business and recruiting leaders are useful, challenging, and thought-provoking; and more importantly, can contribute value to you and your organization.


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