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In December 2018, we spoke with Alan Colquitt on the topic of re-inventing Performance Management (PM) within the contemporary digital work environment. As the conversation veered from surveillance systems to agency theory, a key theme began to emerge – the science behind PM is becoming more and more compelling. As a practice, PM is on the edge of superseding previously long-held beliefs, superstitions, and models that were developed during the post-industrial economic expansion of the 20th Century. However, the reality for many HR professionals remains a little more complex and many established PM models abound.

The following interview will be essential reading for any business professional interested in the new pathways PM will find itself traveling in the very near future.


Alan L. Colquitt Ph.D., is a talent management, organizational change and human capital analytics expert. Alan was previously the Director of Global Assessment, Workforce Research, and Organizational Effectiveness at Eli Lilly and Company before branching off on his own. He has worked as an internal consultant in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries, building organizational capability and advising executives, business leaders, and HR professionals. His thinking and research appears in many books, chapters, articles, blog posts, magazine articles, and white papers. His latest book: Next Generation Performance Management: The Triumph Of Science Over Myth And Superstition is a must-read for all interested in the critical evolution of Performance Management.

For more from Alan Colquitt, please check out his website, take a look at his book, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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