Enterprise Social Media and Digital Culture – Podcast with Mohamed-Hédi Charki

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We recently recorded a short interview with Mohamed-Hédi Charki, Associate Professor of Information Systems at EDHEC Business School. Mohamed-Hédi is researches around the areas of social media at work, social networks and employee performance. He is particularly interested in enterprise social media and the ways in which organisations build their cultures.

As social media begins to expand its role in both private and public spheres, it’s no surprise that many organizations now look towards enterprise social media platforms as a tool to kick start a new type of organizational culture. With the ability to share and disseminate knowledge, ideas, interactions (and much more) quickly throughout the entire organization, Mohamed-Hédi suggests that enterprise social media will become an integral building block for the digital organizations of tomorrow. But what else is there to consider for companies embarking on a digital transformation of their own?

Listen to the podcast below by logging into Spotify, or without a log-in on Spreaker!

Mohamed-Hédi will present a masterclass entitled Building the Digital Culture at The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam on April 2-3. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to join him there, especially if you are interested in learning more about enterprise social media, digital strategies for transformation, social networks, digital culture and more!

The 2nd Digital HR Summit Amsterdam, April 2-3 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore the implications of Digital technologies on HR and the business in general. Make sure you follow The HR Congress Blog to stay posted on all the latest news, updates and content from the world of work!

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