Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Leadership | Podcast with Ingrid Eras-Magdalena

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Emotional Intelligence and resilience – just two more management buzzwords for the new decade or something more substantive?

Ingrid Eras-Magdalena is the EVP/CHRO of Belmond, based in London. Belmond is a leading organisation in the international hospitality industry, with hotels and resorts located around the world. Ingrid is both a senior HR and business leader, with a great deal of experience and expertise in HR, Operations, Learning, Cultural Transformation and M&A. She’s held positions in many organisations, but most notably within the hospitality industry, including time with Le Meridien, Sheraton, and Starwood.

As she was unable to join us at The HR Congress Nice 2019, we thought this would be a great opportunity to kick-off the new decade by re-visiting her planned sessions and topics at the event. In this episode, we’ll therefore discuss the emergence of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Resilience (AQ) in organisations, as well as how to measure their impact. We also discuss how to succeed with any type of boss, and how to deliver impact as an aspiring HR or business professional.

Listen to the full podcast below! You can also check it out on Spreaker or Spotify!

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