Demographics, Robotization and more Critical Topics Impacting the Future of Work – Podcast with Dr. Mark van Dongen

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We recently recorded a short podcast with Dr. Mark van Dongen, Head of HR at ArcelorMittal. Mark is a business-focused global HR leader with experience shaped by years in HR leadership and General Management roles. His experiences cover the width of HR, and he has a great interest and passion for the development of leaders and organizations – particularly within the industrial sector.

As a number of emerging demographic shifts begin to impact both society and the workplace, and with the continued rise of AI, advanced technologies, and robotization – it’s not surprising that there are some big challenges in the future for organizations. However, Mark suggests that before we get too carried away with doomsday scenarios, there are ways in which organizations and HR leaders can best manage the upcoming changes so that disruption to the workforce, workplace, and its people can be minimized and ultimately turned into an advantage for as many people as possible.

Listen to the podcast below by logging into Spotify, or without a log-in on Spreaker!

Mark will present the closing keynote session entitled Demographics and Robotization – Looking into Critical Topics Impacting the Future of Work and How to Tackle Them at The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam on April 2-3. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to join him there, especially if you are interested in learning more about upcoming demographic challenges, AI, robotics, and the future of work.

The 2nd Digital HR Summit Amsterdam, April 2-3 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore the implications of Digital technologies on HR and the business in general. Make sure you follow The HR Congress Blog to stay posted on all the latest news, updates and content from the world of work!

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