Building Success through Strategic Agility | Podcast with Filip Moriau

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There aren’t any shortcuts to business success (or any substantive form of success for that matter). For every quick fix and superficial change, there’s often a bitter aftertaste that follows closely behind. The process of building success is often gradual, yet, requires a mind that is open to responsive change.

So, in a digital age that requires all of us to be very quick on our feet, developing strategic agility to deliver a sustainable level of business success and growth is simply essential in the long term. But what does the term strategic agility actually imply, and how does it relate to the HR-led business transformations of today? To answer this question, we recently spoke in depth with Filip Moriau, Founder and CEO of Stragilon, a Berlin based consultancy in Innovation, Agility & and Development.

In this podcast, Filip succinctly explains the importance of strategic agility for today, the shifting importance of organizational hierarchy, the rise of design thinking, and the ever important value of networking for today’s aspiring HR and business leaders.

Filip will be speaking at The HR Congress this November in Nice, presenting a session in the AI & Digital Track with Etienne Jacques entitled Achieving Real Transformation Using Augmented Intelligence. He will also present a pre-Congress workshop on November 18th on the topic of Future Skills – Design Thinking for HR Professionals.

Have a listen to the podcast below, or here on Spotify or Spreaker!

The 4th HR Congress Nice, November 19-20 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore this topic and much more! Follow the HR Congress Blog for more interesting ideas and content from around the world of work! And don’t forget to subscribe to The HR Congress Podcast!

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