Building Organizational Cultures, Leadership, and Trust | Podcast with Natasha Bowman

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Natasha Bowman has been tirelessly working to improve the performance of organizations for over 20 years. At a time in society where organizations and their cultures are under scrutiny more than ever before, it’s certainly no easy task to transform misfiring teams into high performing symphonies. It’s also a business necessity – a healthy company is a resilient and adaptive one.

In the podcast we discuss a range of issues, all central to the healthy operations of organizations today. Culture, leadership, trust, inclusion, experience, workplace environment – all critical issues that feed closely into each other. With pressure on HR and business leaders to set the tone of the organization and the practices accepted or promoted within, it’s never before been as crucial to develop a healthy organizational culture that drives business success, as well as employee fulfillment.

Natasha is the Director of Performance ReNew, a consultancy based in New York. In addition, she is an accomplished speaker, trainer, lecturer and author. She has served as an Adjunct Professor of Human Resources at numerous institutions such as Fordham University, Manhattan College, and formerly Georgetown and the Jack Welch Management Institute. In 2017 she published her book You Can’t Do That at Work! 100 Legal Mistakes That Managers Make in the Workplace.

Natasha Bowman will present a Pre-Congress Workshop entitled: “Meaning @ Work – Designing and Building a Culture that Engages, Includes, and Motivates” and a session in the Organization & Leadership track on “Workplace Harmony Over Marketplace Dominance – Rebuilding the Diminishing Trust in Leadership and Organizations”. Make sure you don’t miss her in Nice this November!

Listen to the podcast below, or here on Spotify or Spreaker!

The 4th HR Congress Nice, November 19-20 will feature a selection of sessions that will explore this topic and much more! Follow the HR Congress Blog for more interesting ideas and content from around the world of work! And don’t forget to subscribe to The HR Congress Podcast!

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