Automation and the Future of UPS | Podcast with Jochen Mueller

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As the logistics and package delivery industry undergoes massive economic and technological shifts – owing to the meteoric rise of robotics, AI, and automation – UPS is looking ahead to address both the existential and business questions that need to be answered.

In a world where customers have become competitors, consumer expectations have radically changed, and exponential technological growth forces changes to the business case – it’s clear that HR as a function now needs play a pivotal role in leading the future of organisations.

In this podcast with Jochen Mueller, the Vice President of HR and Labour Relations Europe at UPS, we discuss the impacts that the latest (and ongoing) shifts in the package delivery industry have had upon the organisation and its people. We also discuss why HR should play a lead role in ensuring business transformations are aligned with the shifting business case, the economic and social realities of the market, and of course–with the needs of employees.

Automation, robotics, AI, IoT… they’re not just ‘future of work’ buzzwords any more! They’re real opportunities and threats to the way organisations and societies operate. The existential questions that come along with them are well worth exploring; but also, the practical case studies that address their impacts on the world are essential to help us learn more about the way we’ll all produce value tomorrow.

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Listen to the full podcast below! You can also listen to the episode on Spreaker and Spotify!

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