Agile HR and Talent Management – Podcast with Ronny Vansteenkiste

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Let’s talk about Agile HR – yes, it’s that agile word again. We know it’s become all but redundant – an empty sign that one is with the times, but there are probably a bunch of reasons why everyone is talking about it (and of course, all of those associated terms too).

As HR looks towards new ways of working for both itself and the organization, the many choices and decisions that HR professionals now must face on a daily basis is truly staggering. With the legacy of operational models and standards of the past now decaying and becoming outdated, HR professionals have begun to see the practical emergence of agility, flexibility, and anti-fragility as core parts of HR’s influence on the evolving business.

In this podcast with Ronny Vansteenkiste, a senior talent and leadership development strategist, and Mihaly Nagy, CEO of The HR Congress, they discuss; the origins of Agile HR as a concept, how it will impact both HR and the organization, how to get started with transforming the organization, and the impact that it will have on Talent Management practices.

Listen to the podcast with Ronny below on Spotify or on Spreaker!


The Agile HR and Talent Management Masterclass series led by Ronny Vansteenkiste will come to Amsterdam (19-20 Sept), and Zurich (26-27 Sept). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about one of the most dynamic and fast-changing areas of HR and the business! Seats are limited.

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