ABN AMRO’s Employee Experience Playbook | Podcast with Luuk Sombezki

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Employee experience has become one of the most important areas of concern for many contemporary organisations. Despite this, it can mean quite a lot of different things to different people and different companies – finding best practices can therefore present quite a challenge.

In this episode of The HR Congress Podcast we are joined by Luuk Sombezki, EX Lead & HR Strategy Consultant at ABN AMRO. We discuss how ABN AMRO have been approaching the development of their EX practices and principles to support the growth of both employees and the organisation. We also discuss the practical logic behind putting employees first within the organisation.

Luuk will present a session entitled Our Playbook Towards a More Employee Driven Organisation at The Digital HR Innovation Week, a free online summit taking place between May 18th-22nd. Don’t miss out – make sure you register by visiting the website.

Listen to the full podcast with Luuk below! You can also listen to the episode on Spreaker and Spotify!

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